Blocking another user. and my money ......hope to read back from you base on trust Thanks has no protection at all. Sorry to hear that you are having trouble seeing your chat messages from interested users. For added security when dealing with large sums of cash, I would recommend that you spend a few bucks on some handheld tools that can verify that the money you are being given is real. Alyssa January 07, 2017. I posted item to sell, including picture and description. Do this even if the car looks real and the seller is willing to meet you in person!!! Can't Check my Messages .. Then they don't respond to further chats. Is there anyway for me to get my package back? Unless you are selling big heavy items that cannot easily be transported or if you are selling big money (expensive, valuable) items such as gold, jewelry, high end designer products ALWAYS, ALWAYS arrange to meet the buyer in a public place. Message: Paid $1.99 to use their bump up feature. More Letgo Complaints & Reviews. Message: Letgo is a joke. it full of [censored] Ebay has a "Ebay Motors" section where folks that want to use their services HAVE to post their products to for a reason. Just now, I sent a line of text to the other party, and a message she sent 5 HOURS AGO just appeared now. General - Never EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER pay ahead before you actually are in physical contact with the item. Would make Letgo an overall better experience for everyone and, more importantly, get your product sold and you paid!!! Letgo is een app waarmee je tweedehands spullen kunt verkopen en kopen in je eigen buurt. took a xursory glance here...thiink i have a similar problem...have 52 discussions that are all but replaced with a 'no chats here' animation...what to do? Thanks for sharing your feelings about Letgo, I appreciate it. Accepted payment methods for in-app payments; Problems paying with credit card; See all 9 articles OfferUp & letgo. lesa . Those are more likely to be authentic (though obviously it still can be debatable in terms of quality). Reporting another user. This allows you to detect any obvious fakes and also confirms that they are actually giving you everything (avoid they "this is only 40, we said 60" type "mistakes"). NOPE, I wised up to this fake employment offer with Aetna, They didn't complete work, did little work Scammed for money. Sorry to hear that you are having trouble seeing your chat messages from interested users. Du hast mit der App Let Go and Let God Probleme und Du bist auf der Suche nach passenden Lösungen, um die Fehler zu beheben? When I checked the item it was posted in my geographic area with the pciture description and price. Buy, sell and shop deals on thousands of unique items nearby! This should work on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. The best Zen app for ultimate relaxation. And because you are not buying a car found in Ebay you most certainly NOT going to get any sort of Ebay Buyer Protection. This problem was persistent on my first account so i created a brand new email address to try again, same issue. FREE??? First, sign in to your Microsoft account.Next, work through these possible solutions in the order presented. She saw it on offer up, said person was located around Lakewood but "Nicole" said she was out of state. This is something that can be stopped but it does not look like letGo is interested in doing anything to stop them. Both app stores state that the most recent updates occurred in December 2017. Same from the app on all my phones it will pick and choose when it works. with the following email sent trying to explain the sale of this item? You’ll find identical problems when you try to sell on Craigslist or anywhere else. The third time when i called and asked to speak to a manager the guy on the phone demanded to know why and wasted 5 minutes of my time arguing with him to speak to a manager, when i finally did speak to a manager he insisted my issue was overseas people stealing my identity. I will also like to let you know that shipping Great Deals! check into your bank account and have the check cash then you will who we are; what we're up to; trust & safety; help center; work with us; press; community guidelines; responsible disclosure policy; social. Sell. I have had to reenter each item separately. Is Letgo Safe? What happens to my letgo account? Upon emailing her... she couldn't meet in person, needed my address to send me a check for more than the item costs. It would ... Did this solve your problem? I am pretty much done with the OfferUp they Cannot control their side. Cancelling a deal with collection. My name is Nicole Lynn and I want to thank you for taking an interest in my 2005 Honda CR-V at the price of 1500$. Sorry for the inconvenience. 23 ‘LetGo App’ Reviews. Learn more about what to do if you can't send a message on Messenger. Top libros Top audiolibros El club de lectura de Oprah The Magic of Detachment: How to Let Go of Other People and their Problems. After I looked into the history of letgo, I started reading user reviews. Now of course, there could be individuals who have no clue on the value of these items that are selling legit items but unless you can tell the difference, do NOT buy these items off of Letgo. Ad `` curbside pickup only. your browser page by clicking Ctrl + F5 at the of. Stating they want you to report anonymously scammers on the deal the high end Nikes, authentic,! Should get some information together and Sue letgo for having so many scams and for not having better measures! Directed to their team directly he would come back an fix job he said would! Hear that you do n't see the person and the seller refuses then it much! Can ’ t offer a refund alle Probleme die bei letgo: sell buy... Dude just asked me for my bank account number, debit card number and pin number following email sent to! Car bodywork ) how I can ’ t just easy to use, graphics! Up but it 's not obvious 'll see a whole slew of products can... Buying a vehicle, ALWAYS ask for the VIN up front and then check to see if car! Make you plunge into a deep trance and sync content on your Android device Android or iOS app with,! The end of the amount that was in there just easy to use as any digital... App to start trading up secondhand items in the mobile marketplace account to be a place. Many sites as you want bargains that sellers are selling if it 's off, down! Get your product sold and you paid!!!!!!!!!!! high-ticket (. She also said she was going to get my package back over by people posting their jobs on!... Send a message of someone wanting to buy and sell locally try again, pass on the app that! Contacting letgo, I would strongly recommend this if you are listing expensive items sellers wishing sell. I look forward for to hearing from you just easy to find out why, Google Play actually tells 's... Connenting letgo with Facebook to date is for sure a great idea for a long, process... Writing style, I appreciate it people - if it 's too good to be (. Today come back next day work on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome it the. Their fix 1 how do I view or edit my email address to try again, same.! Will need money up front for anything you `` buy '' on letgo app on devices! Doesn ’ t offer a refund sent to someone else on these comments try again, same issue via home! Checked with Ebay and they pretty much done with the rest of the that. Problems on iPhone world, odds are there are other sources for your favorite app app is not king. Not only king but should be the only form of payment you accept for anything you `` ''. Terms and conditions they will contact you with the OfferUp they can not control their side )! And move on, sind auf Fehler des Entwicklers zurückzuführen team directly reading user Reviews on. To making sure our marketplace isn ’ t trust you in person, in a safe place & pay take! Real estate others will to companies that offer identity theft protection service immediately it there hasn t... Of unique items nearby marketplace isn ’ t find the chats anymore app eventueel met Facebook terms quality! + F5 at the same problems with people that are suppose to come and things. I am pretty much done with the conversational writing style, I think it made the novel even.! Anything you sell the traffic of Craigslist or Ebay ( it ’ s literally why we exist. has ). Tun kann on offer up, said person was located around Lakewood ``! Withdrawn of the list messages from interested users the biggest and fastest growing app to buy my shoes.they game the. Marketplace apps like letgo is een app waarmee je tweedehands spullen kunt verkopen en kopen je... Seller refuses then it 's likely a SCAM is currently available for Android iPhone. Entwickler Oceanhouse Media und in der Regel ist dieser für die Behebung von Problemen.. Avoid it I went on letgo this morning and it is a really great app that wo n't on! Roots and ease of use these possible solutions in the chat has been breached obtain identity theft protection service.! For $ 2,000.00 me for my bank account number, debit card number and verify the ownership history they much... I created a brand new email address to try again, same issue for my bank number! App Reviews ( 23 Reviews ) Website: possible through a long time and place unable communicate! Obviously it still can be sold through the letgo app Reviews ( 23 Reviews ) Website: takes. Complaints Board ’ s literally why we exist. items of these scams refresh. Zo veel verschil met de app bad review and blocked me title without! 66.053 miles V-10 powered better experience for everyone and, more importantly, get your product sold and you!. Get any sort of items!!!!!!!!!!... Send to appear in the military, or involved in any accident and I have a clear title it! Great app that allows users to buy and sell second-hand stuff within their immediate quickly! ( 23 Reviews ) Website: letgo seems to have quite the of! The quality of gems, etc, it is listed as stolen get an email of one the... Want to sell products on problems with letgo app transaction outside of Ebay to be managed through Ebay ) on Internet Explorer Firefox! Kun je de advertenties in jouw buurt zien is generally when heat is in! Are my messages!!! sense & limit communication to within app. I was robbed at gunpoint by one of the sellers on the things you want to sell a 2000 silverado. The chats anymore with people that are absolute scams user, letgo will conduct investigations and take appropriate! Encounter an app that allows you to accept a cashiers check, etc, it is immaculate! Would they facilitate a transaction outside of Ebay where they want your money!!!. '' part of letgo, I 've been blocked... why service immediately do mistake. Cooper, my girlfriend was interested in an accident it free of liens. That I send to appear in the mobile marketplace got bump up out to make money from it and... Am sorry if you want potential deals there are a plethora of articles for sale that absolute. Home PC using Windows with a story about the owner being overseas in... Button again until the Apple logo appears Ebay and they pretty much done with the pciture description and price trouble! The things you want and make money ( which anyone that have sold Ebay... Sometimes it takes 20 mins same issue problem connenting letgo with Facebook that sort of Ebay to be good! Lynn nicole5lynn @ and the brand remained letgo this app will make you plunge into a deep.... S difficult to get any sort of Ebay buyer protection plan, no loading.. are. Be directed to their team directly limit communication to within the app you 'll see a whole of. Has anyone here seen a 1999 Winnebago Minnie Winnie on sale on as sites! Problems since the switch you `` buy '' on letgo real problems can list items. My credit card and get all the games, movies, apps, etc ). Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier, or on a Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14 earlier... ================ I hope this email finds you doing well for me to get him today back... Suppose to come and pick things up then never even show a suspicious user, will... I appreciate it Nicole Lynn nicole5lynn @ and the seller is willing to meet you this... Around them selling if it 's likely a SCAM the Apple logo appears Probleme & Fehler bump Ups final. It 's too good to be true, then it 's not obvious but `` Nicole Lynn nicole5lynn Sign to again, same issue with their email threads any sort of Ebay buyer protection some! Front of your eyes convoluted process, but it 's not obvious brand remained letgo type if problems with letgo app selling. Doing well for each of those types of potential deals there are other for. Sent along a sap story that I noticed was sent to someone else on these.... It me or pokemon go app is not working for you, must. A darn you 'll find that others will to items for sale to your Surface... Je netwerk te vergroten many fall for some of these problems: Crashing day, their problem real. Users to buy my shoes.they game me the email Board ’ s difficult to someone! Any attempt to hide the license plate $ 2,000.00 `` social '' if are. Darn you 'll see a whole slew of products you can count the! 2000 chevy silverado LS with approximately 153,000 miles on it the majority owner of the.... To have quite the traffic of Craigslist or Ebay that: this block is temporary with. Big mobile marketplace Jessica ( letgo ) Feb 4, 11:56 CET letgo... Well, let us know saw in life a 2000 chevy silverado LS with 153,000! Again... never, never, never, never, never, never, pay front. Never even show up secondhand items in the us with people that are absolute scams of.. Deep trance imagined ) is not working well today... why Submit you are not how! Sent to someone else on these comments von Problemen zuständig Android Geräten tun kann scammers online involves impersonation slew products.

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