Due to being in America, Lisa gets Homer a trial to save him from eternity in the underworld. 480 notes. This online exercise is a QUIZ based on the Simpsons Family. That’s a challenge “Make Room for Lisa” admirably takes up, and not-so-admirably fails at entirely. [16] She is a high-ranking member of Mensa Springfield. Part of her intelligence is due to being so dissociated from her idiotic father whilst growing up and it was strongly implied that her brains were a result of her grandmother; Homer could never keep up with his daughter's startling intelligence due to his slow wit and stupidly, his laziness and their contradicting vices and opinions caused a strained relationship and she practically grew up without a father figure, specifically not a model one (although Homer probably wouldn't have been much help even if he was involved in Lisa's life). (Lisa's Substitute) IMO, the most interesting relationship is probably Homer/Lisa, who are so very different but somehow can work … Dec 3, 2019 - Explore Judith Rodriguez's board "Homer and marge" on Pinterest. It’s a corny gag, but one that got a chuckle out of me. She feels ready to give up, until Bart - who is there making out with girls to infuriate their parents - inspires her to stay. Even “Lisa’s Sax”, an episode produced a year before this one, is a story of Homer nearly failing his daughter, only to make a sacrifice for her when she needs it the most. In two earlier posts, I began analyzing the marriage between Homer and Marge Simpson, one of America’s most enduring fictional TV couples. Lisa befriends Harper, a new kid at school who happens to be super-rich. [17] Like the rest of her paternal family she can pick up language fairly quickly, she was able to learn fluent Italian from Milhouse in a fairly short amount of time. Even with a high intellect, Lisa displays personality traits typical for her age, including obsessing over getting a pony, being addicted to TV, and fighting with Bart. He is the spouse of Marge Simpson and father of Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, and Maggie Simpson. [47] Many episodes focusing on Lisa have an emotional nature, the first one being "Moaning Lisa". Homer Jay Simpson, formerly known as Max Power, (born May 15, 1955) is the father of the Simpson family. “Make Room for Lisa” gets two-thirds of the way there, showing Homer screwing up and coming to realize it, but then it chooses to have Homer tumble around in a drain pipe and belt out old novelty songs rather than grow as a character or a person. Sure, Lisa can go vegetarian and have that stick, since it doesn’t alter the fundamental central relationships. There can be callbacks (like Marge wearing Homer’s Tom Landry hat while masterminding her husband’s fantasy football team tonight), but by the end of an episode (or at least by the beginning of the next), things have to be back exactly where they were. Homer and Bart turn to the open seas to improve their relationship, and Marge becomes a trash talking victim after she drafts Homer's fantasy football team. [12] She also seems to dislike having her intellect challenged, which is evident on occasions such as when she was temporarily promoted to the third grade or when Miss Hoover gave her a B+ on her final grade for conduct and actually caused her physical harm because of it. Throughout the Ullman Shorts and most of the first season, she is a rude and disrespectful troublemaker and not particularly bright, much like her. Lisa Marie Simpson (born May 9, 1984[8]) is the elder daughter and middle child of the Simpson family and one of the two tritagonists (alongside Marge) of The Simpsons franchise. Lisa is playable in the third level of "The Simpsons: Hit and Run" as she looks for Bart after his disappearance. Instead the episode closes with Lisa making it up to him for some reason, which is absolutely absurd. In “Lisa the Greek” the pair grow close over a shared love for betting on football, only for Homer to seem ready to jettison their newfound bond after the NFL season ends. He’s put in quite a few memorable guest appearances on The Simpsons over the years, but Ralph’s best role is undoubtedly in the bittersweet “I Love Lisa." HTML5 Embed. Lis Jake Boyman[1]Truth TellerLie SmellerLady Penelope Ariel Ponyweather[2] Lisa Bouvier (briefly)Raven Crow NeversmilesBig Maggie[3] [4] [5] Princess HelveticaSister Suspect [6]Lisa Flanders Moaning LisaQueen HelveticaNancy CluelessMary-Anne [7]Snickerpuss SimpsonSpringfield's Answer to a Question No One Asked (By Ned Flanders) Lisa was also listed at number 11 in TV Guide's "Top 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of All Time." She dumps Milhouse after prom. The idea for the episode was pitched by James L. Brooks, who had wanted to do an emotional episode where Lisa is sad because the show had done a lot of "jokey episodes". She can also use the "Hand of Buddha" to pick up and drop big things telekinetically. But as I discussed on The Simpsons Show Podcast, it also ups the difficulty level for Homer and Lisa episodes, because those differences force the show really earn that sort of understanding. “Make Room for Lisa” does end on a sweet note, with the lingering image of Lisa nuzzling her dad’s arm at the demolition derby, a moment touching enough to cover for the insane path the episode took to get there for at least a minute or two. 3:58. When Lisa swims, she wears a magenta or red swimsuit. When unable to attend school due to a teachers' strike, she suffered a sort of "school withdrawal" as she has an emergency box in case of a teacher strike. The end of Season 29 episode "Mr. Lisa's Opus" shows Lisa at Harvard with her roommate having fun, before her roommate starts holding her hands tighter. He goes on to chastise her, saying, "In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!" Lisa again chose to show off her smarts by correcting this, seemingly not caring it would cause Homer even more severe heart attacks (which it did). See more ideas about homer and marge, homer, marge. Homer successfully manages to break up the couple. There?s the episode where Homer and Marge make out in the lighthouse, and of course, the sea captain is definitely a recurring character. The relationship is of an unconditional love between father/daughter, but since homer is a boob, he doesn't truly understand Lisa for who she really is--a girl feels she already knows too much about the world, a girl who's only true friend left her (Mr. Bergstrom) and as a girl who can't escape from a world that cannot, or will not accept her for the prodigy she is. A fairy-like version of Lisa appears in the dream sequence. She is delighted with it, which she names Princess, and forgives her father. Lisa also has a pathological compulsion to show off how smart she is and to always be the best. (Examples: Hardly Kirking, Mr Lisa’s Opus, Smart and Smarter. Until Lisa became a vegetarian, fried shrimp was implied as her favorite food. Lisa once got addicted to secondhand smoke to maintain an impressive level of ballet competence; Homer tries to prevent the addiction unsuccessfully, and in the end, Lisa overcomes the addiction herself through means of "Hello Kitty" nicotine patches. On one example she changed her personality to fit a more rebellious nature like Bart and actually gained an entourage of friends at the Flanders beach house but when her true academic nature was revealed, they continued to befriend her due to viewing her as a kind, gentle person rather than just a nerd. In Japan, the broadcasters of the series found they were able to turn the apparent viewer dislike of the series around by focusing marketing attention on Lisa. - The idea of first act sequence that barely touches the episode’s main plot is a Simpsons cliché, but the one in “Make Room for Lisa” takes the cake. 25 Warning Signs That You're In A Dependent Relationship With Your Bed. Afterward, she goes back to her room, where she meets her second roommate who also feels overwhelmed. In "Bart to the Future", at age 38, Lisa is the first straight female President of the United States of America. This power is later upgraded, enabling her to attack with lightning and ice as well. Homer Simpson Relationship GIF. Follow. She accepts, but quickly becomes overwhelmed after her roommate outclasses her in every field. by Julia Pugachevsky. The ones that come to mind are Lisa's beauty pageant, when Homer bought Lisa a horse and took a second job, when Homer gets a P.I. That said the prospect of a dull future also encourages Lisa to study further rather than immediately omit defeat as she did her very best to not become a housewife like Marge when their paths became very similar. If Marge and Homer can never break up,they can never be truly content either. See more ideas about homer and marge, homer, the simpsons. Instead, Lisa’s realization seems to come out of nowhere, or at least bear no relation to the self-obsessed dad who’s trampled on his daughter’s wants and feelings throughout the rest of the episode. But then, reality seeps in, and you realize the absurd plot mechanics that led to that point, the failed emotional calculus that the episode never satisfyingly resolves, and the detestable, downright cruel behavior from Homer that’s initially played as a series of guileless goofs and then treated as though it’s somehow Lisa’s moral failing for not tolerating. The fast and loose continuity of The Simpsons has allowed for plenty of experimentation and revelations over the years, with varying backstories that define core relationships within the series. [29] The two once competed against each other in hockey and tried to win over Homer's love. She has small cameos in the game, though she is prominently featured in level 3 where she optionally aids Bart by dropping bowling balls on Sideshow Bob depending on whether the player managed to spell Lisa's name after defeating disguised aliens. She became deeply close to her substitute teacher, Mister Bergstrom who again noticed and encouraged her intelligence to blossom. It’s the sort of ridiculous, Looney Tunes-style insanity that would become the norm under Mike Scully, who served as showrunner for The Simpsons for Seasons 9-12. Just when it seems like all is lost, Marge finds a note Homer wrote her which stated that he gave her his soul in exchange for marrying him. One example is when she tried to answer a question for Principal Skinner the "smarty pants" way he told her he wanted a different answer. Homer and Lisa’s relationship is one of my favourite things ever. Occupation family exercise. However, he still loves … Extremely nonathletic, she fails at sports completely, and her liberal stance and high intelligence gives her little bonding ground with her peers and Homer who is also passionate about sports and connects with Bart more for this reason. If the player gets the highest possible grade, however, she expresses surprise and constantly looks at Bart and the grade in shock. Despite her intellect, Lisa has received detention, like her brother Bart, quite a number of times, often because of her rebellious and sometimes bitter attitude and antisocial behavior that is capable of deeply embarrassing authority figures.

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