Er arbeitet im Atomkraftwerk bei -Mr. Burns. Your dad, my dad, a little of Maggie's dad... Lisa: No, it's just Dad. Doh! Homer (dorf) A Skin Mod for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) / Skins / Ganondorf. IMG 1617. von mad_homer. Admin . Homer Badman “Two, four, six, eight, Homer's crime was very great! Final Smash: Snowplower. 1/1. Homer muss zu Dr. Hibbert, weil er eine Augenverletzung erlitten hat. Der Stil von Homer, wer auch immer er war, fällt mehr in die Kategorie von Minnesängerdichtern oder Balladierern als im Gegensatz zu kultivierten Dichtern, die das Produkt eines leidenschaftlichen literarischen Moments wie Virgil oder Shakespeare sind. Clothes. Madeleine Homer • 10 Pins. Down Throw – Homer slips and falls onto the opponent saying D’oh! [Rips shirt] Mrrrroaarrr! Hier siehst du die neuesten Artikel von mad_homer. Press J to jump to the feed. Grab – Homer grabs his opponent and chokes them like how he chokes Bart Simpson. Cya later. von mad_homer. Homer mad! Up Smash: Homer swings two uppercuts above himself. In I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot, Homer tries to make a robot for his son. Neutral Air: Homer does a spinning lariat with his arms out. He homers on the next pitch. (im englischen Do'h! Report. !” Bulk's Catchphrase[src] “HOMER MAD! Up Air: Homer headbutts upwards. 19,879 points Ranked 295th. Social Shares. Front Air: Homer slams his fists downwards, meteor smash opponents if sweetspotted. Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Add Buddy. Updates. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Madeleine Homer 's best boards. Todos. Follow. Stan Lee saw him and said that he was the Hulk, not Homer. Ultimate by TheTuneHero published on 2020-02-16T15:59:16Z. Down Smash: Homer swings a downward headbutt to the ground. a mix of three dads: his dad, Lisa's dad, and a little of Maggie's dad, which gets jarring when he picks up the comic. Homer Simpson is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. OC 2016. This GIF has everything: homer simpson, marge simpson, mad, HUNGRY! Homer: RAAAAARRGGGHHH!!! Subscribe. Floored Attack – Homer rises up roaring with his fists clenched hurting opponents who were near him. He often used a hammer to fight against his adversaries. Sign up to access this! (Toralei Stripe with Purrsephone and Meowlody looks shocked) Homer: *rampages through the town* HOMER MAD!! Download. Come on, damnit, change! Back Aerial – Homer elbows anyone behind him. We had the right game plan. von mad_homer. Lisa: Bart, this is just Dad. Lilo & Stitch (2002) 1.2 secs Flags . Then they would add ned, and I don't need him to break another game. Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte … HOMER SMASH! It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 7, 1999. HOMER SMASH! Madeleine Homer • 50 Pins. mad_homer war zuletzt im Bikemarkt online am 25.11.2020 21:58. Subscribe. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Homer Punch animated GIFs to your conversations. Fashion . Report this GIF; Iframe Embed. Sign up to access this! I'm the Hulk! RAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Thanks. Do hank hill dale gribble Michael Scott Larry David jerry Seinfeld Ron Swanson will smith (fresh Prince) and Dwight Schrute, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Mad- og vinture i Homer: Se anmeldelser og billeder af mad-, bryggeri- og vinture i Homer, Alaska på TripAdviso. Typisch für ihn ist sein Ausruf "Neinn!" Could I use this for something I’m making? “You look at the board that first inning, I think at one point I saw I was 14 strikes, four balls, two or four balls. Bisherige Verkäufe ansehen. HOMER SMASH! Addition Added Expressions; My first attempt at model importing, I tried to make something simple. Ein nettes Arzneimitte 2020-11-10T15:43:37Z Comment by HAI ima Bot. 'Great' meaning large or immense, we use it in the pejorative sense!” Protestors outside the Simpson home "Homer Badman", also known as "Homer: Bad Man", is the ninth episode of Season 6. Mad Homer Simpson GIF. * (Lord Hater gets knocked by Homer) Homer: HOMER SMASH!! "HOMER MAD! Giphy links preview in Facebook and Twitter. Final Smash: Radiation Leak [edit | edit source] Homer will go away and crash into a radiation pipe. It can also spike opponents. * (Jack Spicer gets knocked by Homer) Homer… Stan Lee: Mmmmm! HOMER SMASH!! Bei können Sie sich Homers versandkostenfrei bestellen. Creator. 598 2 2. Source Autoplay. On Off. 28 medals 3 legendary 8 rare. Embed. Homer strikes a Sumo pose, and then starts stomping the ground, causing massive shockwaves. AAARRRGGH!! Dash Attack – Homer trips saying D’oh. Aw, forget it. GET REVENGE ON WORLD!” Bulk's Catchphrase The Ingestible Bulk is what Homer became when he was made angry by Bart. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Share Advanced. Sunday last. Homer releases a bee from a jar which you control freely. Genre Victory Theme Comment by Fnafgamer. HOMER MAD!!! GET REVENGE ON WORLD! When Homer is suppressing his anger, he starts "diddly"-ing, "HOMER MAD! 750 4 10. Up Throw – Homer throws the opponent upwards. On Off. "HOMR" (styled as "HOMЯ") is the ninth episode of the twelfth season of the American animated sitcom The Simpsons. Down Special: Sumo Stomp. It does as much damage as a Smash attack but is balanced by not going far. Madeleine Homer. The 257th episode overall, it originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 7, 2001. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. why do i see this coming to smash. (Sunset Shimmer looks shocked) Homer: AAAARRGGHH!!! Down Tilt – Does a kick similar to how he does it in Hit and Run. Stan Lee: He can't be the Hulk! Share the best GIFs now >>> If you hit yourself with the bee, you fly off yelling in pain. Share the best GIFs now >>> Homer smash! Back Throw – Homer simply turns around and throws the opponent. KTH. GET REVENGE ON WORLD!". Madeleine Homer • 45 Pins. von mad_homer. Submitter. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Homer Mad animated GIFs to your conversations. Um die Schmerzen zu lindern, bekommt er vom Arzt Marihuana verschrieben. 1422 6 16. Overview. 5. Joined 5y ago. I would rather have him based on the show since I feel the show has more value than any Simpsons game, Honestly really good concept, I wish we could have platform fighters for cartoon characters or from other media. License. You couldn't even change into Bill Bixby! Madeleine Homer | Irish Dancing/fashion/makeup Instagram-mad_homer Snapchat-mad_homer. Updates +Expressions 3y Addition. GET REVENGE ON WORLD!!!! Neutral Special – Burp – To reference The Simpsons Game from 2007, Homer burps fire. If he hits he will fly up with them giving them a flurry of punches that ends with him and the opponent in space where he slamss them down sending them back to the planet before going back to normal and falling with them. Victory Theme – The last notes of the Simpsons Theme. After being inspired by a cartoonist during Career Day at Springfield Elementary, Bart creates an Internet cartoon based on Homer's anger problems called Angry Dad. It fails, so he gets inside the robot and acts as the robot. IMG 1616. von mad_homer. Bart loses his lower torso for a few frames during Milhouse's "Looks like the bubble burst" line near the end. homer mad at bart 109943 GIFs. Madeleine Homer. Bart: Ah, it's a composite character. Mm-mmmm! The radioactive leak will poison the opponents, and soon they will die from … Likes. Bart: Thank God his pants stayed on. Sign up to access this! TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Homer Simpson Mad animated GIFs to your conversations. Welcome to Reddit's finest Smash Bros community! Down Smash – Homer brings out a chainsaw and swings it around. Up Aerial - Homer simply swings a mallet like in the Arcade game. Profil im Forum. SSBB Manager. GET REVENGE ON WORLD!" “I was on the attack,” Holland said. mad_homer - Benutzeralbum. Final Smash – Radioactive Homer – Homer gains muscles and a green glow from a waste barrel falling on him and he dashes at an opponent. Comic Book Guy: Oh, please! 2020-09-22T20:52:10Z Comment by AU Fan (Original) Someday someone should make a loop of this song called infinite homer… 28 Followers • 85 Following. Bart's latest attempt to drive Homer furious involved green paint and made Homer look like, The title is a reference to the 1967 Swedish arthouse film, Homer gets angry when one of his favourite shows gets replaced by a documentary about the famous Danish physicist. Homer ist der Familienvater der Simpsons. HTML5 Video . Sign up to access this! Irish Dancing/fashion/makeup Instagram-mad_homer Snapchat-mad_homer. Say Thanks. Their four-homer, five-batter outburst came off Holland’s first 11 pitches. … Stan Lee tries to transform into the Hulk, claiming to have actually done it in the past. When Bart is trying to come up with ideas for a cartoon, Marge suggests he rips off. Artikel von mad_homer. Side Special should be him throwing a sprinkled donut. He fell into a pool of green paint and ripped his clothes. Art. HOMER MAD! Gif Download. Shimano XTR FC-M 980 Kurbel 175mm . Forward Aerial – Homer does a kick that is similar to how he did it in the arcade game. zerode. (Breaks down fence.) 520 2 3. newbike072. HOMER SMASH! He is able to fire off massive snowballs, fly using exhaust pipes pointing … Homer Simpson is a Middleweight character with great reach in most of his attacks so far with most of his moves taken from The Simpsons Game. Join Facebook to connect with Homer Mad and others you may know. mad homer 84631 GIFs. *punch! Cookies help us deliver our Services. JS Embed. Up Special – Ground Pound – Homer simply does a double jump and does a ground pound based off his ground pound move from Hit and Run. Sort: Relevant Newest # homer simpson # season 3 # jumping # anger # naked # homer simpson # season 4 # bart simpson # mad # episode 14 # homer simpson # bart simpson # episode 9 # season 15 # evil laugh # homer simpson # season 3 # episode 7 # diy # ouch # homer simpson # season 3 # baby # bart simpson # mad # homer simpson # angry # bart simpson # mad … Front Throw – Homer rolls them like a bowling ball. Außerhalb des Simpsons-Universums ist er einer der bekanntesten Charaktere. Super Smash Bros. Brawl files owner Electronic Arts Homer model owner. Mmmmm! View the profiles of people named Homer Mad. Giphy Link. *punch! Homer is the first cartoon character to be into the game, Since he has made an apperance in a Nintendo Console as "The Simpsons: Video Game" on the Wii and DS. In the scene wherein Bart is inspired to create, As Bart becomes frustrated by Homer not losing his temper (thus denying Bart material for, Lampshaded by Comic Book Guy who calls the. Es handelt sich bei mad_homer um einen privaten Verkäufer. He then entered a robot fight and fought against other robots. Homer Simpson - Super Smash Bros. *bashes the fence down* GAAAAAARRRGGH!!! Meanwhile, the Comic Book Guy has his hands full when legendary Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee begins harassing him and scaring off his customers. Category. Down Aerial – Homer falls down belly first. Up Tilt – Does a headbash similar to Wario’s Up Smash albeit weaker. HOMER MAD! Alle Artikel von mad_homer ansehen. Die Firma Homers ist in vielen Ländern Europas zu finden, vor allem aber in Frankreich, Spanien und Deutschland kann Homers sich an großer Beliebtheit erfreuen. HTML5 Embed. Kurbeln. Side Smash: Homer swings a double-axe handle downwards. Stan Lee tries to transform into the Hulk, claiming to have actually done it in the past. “Bulk Gnash! [At the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in the cartoon] Angry Dad: This job sure is easy. Issues. Side Smash – A mailbox appears out of nowhere that Homer kicks, destroying it. HTML5 links autoselect optimized format. #pirates #cardinals #seatgeekcodJOMBOY Mark Reynolds strikes out swinging but the umps call it a foul tip. Can also hurt other opponents via the opponent thrown hitting them. Die Geschichten haben sich wiederholende Elemente, fast wie ein Refrain oder Refrain, was auf ein musikalisches Element hindeutet. Up Tilt – Does a headbash similar to Wario’s Up Smash albeit weaker, Down Tilt – Does a kick similar to how he does it in Hit and Run, Grab – Homer grabs his opponent and chokes them like how he chokes Bart Simpson, Front Throw – Homer rolls them like a bowling ball. 1. Source … Permits . Down Special – Miniature Nuke – Homer drops a miniature nuke based off the ones from the Japanese version of the Simpsons Game. Get revenge on world! Share the best GIFs now >>> Neutral Aerial – Homer does a kick similar to the Arcade game. One of the employees at is seen the background Xeroxing his butt. I really did it once! Game. "Homer to the Max" is the thirteenth episode of The Simpsons' tenth season. Homer jumps up in the air and comes down in his massive Snowplower. HOMER MAD!!! Homer: RAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Back Air: Homer kicks behind himself. Side Special – Speed Rocket – Homer rides a smaller version of the Speed Rocket which will explode if it hits anything referencing how fragile the vehicle was in Hit and Run. Sort: Relevant Newest # homer simpson # wtf # marge simpson # season 6 # episode 24 # homer simpson # bart simpson # marge simpson # episode 4 # season 16 # homer simpson # season 3 # angry # night # mad # homer simpson # mad # episode 14 # season 16 # 16x14 # the simpsons # cartoon # mad # simpsons # homer # homer simpson # marge simpson # mad # … To the popular dot-com bubble burst of the late 1990s-early 2000s. Maggie's bow shifts from its usual blue, to red, then back to blue during the scene at the hospital between cuts.
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