Then you would have to sail against it in the finals. The Pacific Star sets sail at 5:30 p.m. and returns by 7:30 p.m. Should you want to purchase wine and alcohol, they are available. You'll have better luck finding Hawaii cruise specials if you plan to sail during the "low season," which runs from Thanksgiving to mid-December. Only thirty-five sail of the line could be collected against them under the command of Admiral Digby. Miami, FL: From this cruise line capital of the world, dozens of ships from various lines sail different Caribbean itineraries. If the Galveston Royal Caribbean cruises do not appeal to travelers, there are other ships that regularly sail from the Texas port. Examples of how to use the word 'sail' in a sentence. Steam tugs assisted sail ships into port and hybrid steam / sail ships appeared. After some negotiation an armistice was concluded and a capitulation agreed upon, whereby the castles were to be evacuated, the hostages liberated and the garrisons free to remain in Naples unmolested or to sail for Toulon. A squadron of seven sail of the line, under Admiral Ganteaume, succeeded in slipping out of Brest, when a gale had driven the British blockading force off the coast. 117 57 When only a child he liked to stand by the river and see the ships sailing past. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor.". Pisani had been reinforced early in the spring of 1378, but when he was sighted by the Genoese fleet of 25 sail off Pola in Istria on the 7th of May, he was slightly outnumbered, and his crews were still weak. The Celebrity Cruises fleet is relatively small compared to well-known lines such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean; only 11 ships currently sail under the Celebrity banner. But ' This was the 2nd Army, waiting in the port of Chinampo for the moment to sail for Pitszewo. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "sail" Over 100 sailors died in the Russian submarine that was trapped on the floor of the Barents SeaI read an incredible book about a teenager that sailed a small boat around the world. Lost luggage: By traveling with a carry-on only you can spare yourself the trauma of setting sail without your luggage. A converted sail shed now houses a stylish tea room and Edwardian and Victorian antiques are to be found in the old engine house. After wintering at Zara the fleet set sail on the 7th of April 1203, and on the 23rd of June anchored in the Bosporus. Accordingly in June 1654 he set sail for Lisbon to plead the cause of the Indians, and in April 1655 he obtained from the king a series of decrees which placed the missions under the Company of Jesus, with himself as their superior, and prohibited the enslavement of the natives, except in certain specified cases. Much scandal was caused by the mysterious circumstances in which an order to shorten sail was given in the English flagship, and doubts were expressed of the courage of the duke of York. All Rights Reserved. Almost anyone can head out in a motorboat on the weekend, but if you want to learn to sail, you'll need to take lessons and make sure you can control the boat so you aren't injured or so you don't drift out to sea. In 1548 the queen of six years old was betrothed to the dauphin Francis, and set sail for France, where she arrived on the 15th of August. In June 1572 a fresh Ottoman fleet of 250 sail took the sea; and the jealousy of the allies and the incompetence of their commanders made any repetition of their former victory impossible. The industries include shipbuilding, rope and sail making and iron founding. Examples of sails in a sentence: 1. Recent Examples on the Web At the tip of Shelter Island, several hundred dignitaries and well-wishers applauded when Sharon, dressed in pink and looking very dainty, hauled down the mainsail of her craft, furled it and docked with an ease no mail sailor could fault. Almost everywhere they present to the sea perpendicular cliffs, broken into fantastic forms, affording at every turn, to those who sail along the coast, the most picturesque and varied scenery. What does sail mean? His crew's job is to sail the boat. Knowing the pros and cons of different types of ships helps passengers choose which one to sail on, letting them personalize their vacation to suit their personalities and individual desires. If you get to town before it's time to set sail, you can check out the Center for Southern Folklore, the Art Museum of the University of Memphis, the Beale Street Historical District, and more, and for free. Carried by the ribbing (the anterior margin of the wing) which lowers itself, the sail or posterior margin of the wing being raised meanwhile by the air, which sets it straight again, the sail will take an intermediate position and incline itself about 45° plus or minus according to circumstances. 89), written about the year 1218, speaks of the magnetic needle as "most necessary for such as sail the sea"; 1 and another French crusader, his contemporary, Vincent de Beauvais, states that the adamant (lodestone) is found in Arabia, and mentions a method of using a needle magnetized by it which is similar to that described by Kibdjaki. A boat with a keel that sits low in the water can smoothly sail through some bodies of water but will quickly run aground in others. Theobald was followed (1240-1241) by Richard of Cornwall, the brother of Henry III., who, like his predecessor, had to sail in the teeth of papal prohibitions; but neither of the two achieved any permanent result, except the fortification of Ascalon. Carried by the ribbing (the anterior margin of the wing) which lowers itself, the sail or posterior margin of the wing being raised meanwhile by the air, which sets it straight again, the sail will take an intermediate position and incline itself about 45° plus or minus according to circumstances. We also rode in the Ferris wheel, and on the ice-railway, and had a sail in the Whale-back.... After spending a month in Paris, he walked on to Amsterdam, took sail to Hamburg, and so went back to Denmark in 1716. Set to work, and get up sail as soon as you can. He set sail to head into previously uncharted waters not knowing what he may find. He intended that Spain should very soon have ready twenty-eight sail of the line - "ce qui est certes bien peu de chose" - so as to drive away the British squadrons, and then he would strike "de grands coups" in the autumn. Till the 18th century ships were not allowed to sail round Cape Horn, so that the Chileans had to trade indirectly through Peru and the Argentine. (around) " The ferry sailed for three hours. " If you sail on a luxury cruise at a time of year when children are still in school, you increase your chances of cruising with your peers. To deplete, use up, or go through something very quickly and easily. I should say, tho, that however complex these things become, they will never constitute an automatic sail stowage system. She sailed the Atlantic coastline. Another option is to sail over and back from the West Coast of the United States or Canada. Accordingly, in 1427 he accepted an invitation from the republic of Venice, and set sail for Italy, intending to resume his professorial career. Relations between Spain and the United States became strained, and war seemed imminent; but on the 8th of December the Spanish government agreed to surrender the "Virginius" on the 16th, to deliver the survivors of the crew and passengers to an American war-ship at Santiago, and to salute the American flag at Santiago on the 25th if it should not be proved before that date that the "Virginius" was not entitled to sail under American colours. This is either the sail being shown or running rigging. In that month the duke of York was on the east coast of England with a fleet of 80 to 90 sail, composed, according to the custom of the time, of vessels of all sizes. sprit pole holds sail out instead of a boom.