Surveying these dead creatures could be useful. Watch Star Wars lore and explanation videos not in the Old Republic era for expanded context and ideas, some channels include. The Dxun Cipher – It’s taken quite a bit of effort but at last, an answer. Copy and save this data somewhere on your computer or email it to yourself to save it for later. Well geared level 55 players (i.e. Darkness Noverdrive – In The Nature of Progress operation, on Veteran or higher difficulty, defeat the Apex Vanguard while never allowing him to exceed 3 stacks of Darkness Overdrive. If you check or uncheck any new checkboxes, make sure to “Save Checkboxes” and get your new data text. Miscommunication is common. (defeat 10 of each Party Crasher type, get the Honorary Bouncer’s Badge, I think this replaced The Don achievement where you got the Street Cred item), Lawbringer – Brought a little law and order to Mek-Sha. Scattered across the galaxy, this armor is just one representation of the Rebel soldiers who fought an Empire against impossible odds. Stability issue: all weapons are now speedcapped at 1 attack per second. Par Three – Solve the final Galatic Signal Broadcast Tower beam puzzle in Veteran Mode of Gods from the Machine leaving one of the four deflectors at their starting location. Below and Beyond – Gave Dr. Lokin a Barnacle of the Eyeless while collecting research supplies for him (requires non-Agent character). This change is part of our attempts to isolate the deadlock that occasionally brings the server to a halt. Kuat Drive Yards is a tactical flashpoint, meaning it is role neutral (i.e groups have no traditional tank, healer, 2x dps requirement). Take a look at the rewards list by talking to EV-9D9 and exchange your earned coins for various items, or check your Boonta Balance to see what you might need to save up for. Complete all the special Blizz achievements: Winter of Their Discontent – Killed all Ugnaughts in the Ugnaught cave during the “Little Boss” mission. A small group of sentients travel the galaxy searching for exotic fish to catch. Speak with Ortugg in the cantina to receive a waypoint to a Valarian encampment and take care of them. However, whispers on the streets suggest that other parties may offer an alternative – setting the slaves free. Once you amass enough coins, you can exchange them for limited-time event-only rewards! 5. Mathematically Impossible – In The Nature of Progress operation defeat the Containment Protocol encounter on Master difficulty after allowing Greus to achieve 3 or more charges of Chaotic Evolution. : Starts December 15, and runs for about four weeks. Xizor was then found by Nick Rostu, who led the Falleen to the rest of Jax Pavan's group, which had followed Xizor half way around Coruscant in pursuit of 10-4TO. Kill 1,000 enemies with each original class companion for achievements, Kill 1,000 enemies with each Star Fortress companion, Kill 1,000 enemies with Ak’Ghal Usar, HK-51, and Treek for achievements, Turn Jaesa Willsaam to the Dark Side and on a second character keep her on the Light Side as a Sith Warrior, Convince Ashara to join you as part of the Empire on one character and on a second character join her in bringing light-side Sith to the Jedi as a Sith Inquisitor, Allow Khem Val to retain his body on one character and allow Zash to take over on a second character in the Sith Inquisitor story, Keep Vette’s shock collar on and on a second character take it off as a Sith Warrior. Reward: Decoration Item, Simple knuckler designs have changed little in centuries; old knucklers are still perfectly usable if they’ve been properly preserved. Older version of the carbines have been inherited by the next generation, making the weapon a somewhat common sight in the Outer Rim. After receiving a call when you first log in, head on over to Mos Espa, Tatooine to participate in the festivities and complete daily quests to receive Boonta Coins that you can exchange for rewards. Especially the technical data. There are many secrets to find out in the open world. The best way to reach me is by messaging me on Twitter. Reward: Decoration Item. Republic Taris / Imperial Balmorra Reward: Decoration Item, Some sentients in the galaxy have an odd habit of reducing common beasts of burden in the galaxy to cute and cuddly plushes. Afraid of the Dark – In The Nature of Progress operation, on Veteran or higher difficulty, defeat the Apex Vanguard after allowing him to receive 150 ticks of healing from Photogenesis. In the third act of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the Resistance navigated the perils of the Unknown Regions to confront Palpatine's fleet of Sith Star Destroyers. EV-9D9 has 22 new event reward items, many of which have never before been available on EiF. Take out their enforcers, and then look for the marked placements to plant explosives around their camp. Reward: Decoration Item, A world of darkness and witches, Dathomir’s influence on history far outweighs its remote and hidden location. armor collecting guide and list of all armors. Reward: Decoration Item, Playable just about anywhere, Pazaak is popular at cantinas, casinos, or on ships to pass the time. A Thorough Assessment – Assessed eight or more optional targets during the course of the HK-55 configuration exercise. No problem! Reward: Crafting Schematic, In a vast galaxy, there are many unexplainable things to be found. Threadmarks. It’s that time of year again – join us on Empire in Flames as we celebrate Boonta Eve! Flirron Friend – Fed the tiny, hungry flirron enough to gain its trust on Onderon. Rewards for completing collections include one-off items, schematics, and titles! Reward: Decoration Item. – Reunited with your faithful 2V-R8 droid on Odessen. ), Nightsister and SMC tattoo styles cannot be changed after character creation. – In The Nature of Progress operation, on Veteran or higher difficulty, defeat Red after a group member reaches 25 stacks of Red Venom. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. – In The Nature of Progress operation, on Veteran or higher difficulty, successfully kill 15 or more creatures using the power generator overload. Kuat Lore Collection. Secrets of Geonosian Lair – Find the memorial masks of the forgotten Jedi masters scattered throughout the Geonosian Lair on Ossus. The Ancient Polearm collection will now work properly. 2. Reward: Decoration Item, Far removed from most galaxy traffic, the remote world of Dantooine in the Outer Rim is home to small farms, old ruins, and older secrets. Player-vs-Player content brings a whole new set of challenges. in full 78s) can solo most of the scenarios but might have trouble with the final boss depending on how much DPS you can dish out. Ziost Completist – Complete the secret Ziost achievements that can only completed while you are working on the story missions (not after, rewards Rark K-133T speeder). If you have a link, simply return to the link and the link will automatically check all the checkboxes you checked last time. Want to read up what had changed in the past? The race can be completed as many times as you like (though will only award one Boonta Coin if eligible), and you can also challenge others to a Group Race for bragging rights. I post all news about SWTOR and my projects on Reward: Decoration Item, The galaxy is a wide and wild place. Speaker of the Dead – Spoke with all four Sith Lord Force Ghosts on Yavin 4 (Speaker for the Dead legacy-title): Talisman Collector – Located all five Ancient Talismans on Yavin 4. Gather and spend them! Head to the same waypoint that Ephant gives you but now you will have the option to convince the slave that they have their shot at freedom. Lady Valarian seeks to make moves on Jabba’s former territory and is sending raiders to disrupt the Boonta celebrations. Complete the Player vs Guards achievements available on these planets: Become a God from the Machine on Iokath in open-world PvP for these achievements: The Fire of Aivela – Defeated 50 enemy players in the Iokath daily area while controlling Aivela. With the help of the droid, Xizor subdued the group and tied them up. Reward: Decoration Item, Surrounded by the large, man-made ring of shipyards, and guarded by a large Imperial Fleet, the industrial planet of Kuat is known for its production of notable warships and the prestigious Kuat Drive Yards. Reward: Decoration Item, Struggling against the powers of a galaxy-spanning Empire, the Rebel Alliance’s success was, in part, a product of pure will to succeed and a steadfast refusal to accept anything but victory. Events are only available for a limited-time. He’ll give you a Boonta Coin, and help the now former slave to their new life. ). Swiftness Round 1 / 2 / 3:  Winning an arena round in under 1 minute. The Kashyyyk Blade Stick was a favorite among the fierce Wookiee warriors and berserkers, though many copied the design across the galaxy to fit the owner’s personal needs. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Players should head to to Mos Espa, Tatooine and speak with Bib Fortuna to get started. There’s many ways to play the story. 4. Walking All Over Them – Defeated 50 enemy players in the Iokath daily area while using a walker. Recruit all these companions to your alliance in the expansions from Alliance alerts available to any class: You’re… Still Alive! The Apex Predator: Dxun Arrow – Completed the “The Nature of Progress” operation on Master mode difficulty in less than 90 minutes. Reward: Decoration Item, Cute and seemingly harmless, durnis can rapidly reproduce and overrun an area if careful checks aren’t kept on their population. Small asteroids, in the forms of meteorites, often collide with planets throughout the system, including the sixth planet where the Rebel Alliance once called Echo Base their home. You also need to save to get an accurate count. Final Form Achievements – In The Nature of Progress operation, on Veteran or higher difficulty, allow seperately Greus, Hissyphis, Kronissus, and Titax to reach 3 charges of Chaotic Evolution before defeating him. The Firestar 10-K blaster carbine is an old design stretching back decades. Chaotic Evolution: Probably Impossible – In The Nature of Progress operation, on Veteran or higher difficulty, defeat Greus, Hissyphis, Kronissus, and Titax after they reach 3 charges of Chaotic Evolution. Recruit these class-specific companions to your alliance: Akaavi Spar (Smuggler and Bounty Hunter only). Caution: You will lose all progress if your instance resets after killing any number of mines. Reward: Decoration Item, Sword technology has changed little in millennia; old weapons, properly maintained, are just as deadly as a newly-produced weapon. a. While this is all that is currently available, the team will continue to work to bring new Collections and rewards to the game, so stay tuned! pet collecting guide and list of all pets. Feel free to send me a message on Twitter @swtorista, Reddit /u/swtorista, Youtube Swtorista channel or by e-mail at the same name with at the end. While some claim the old weapon is too large to be a practical sidearm, the early-production versions of these weapons are highly prized by collectors. Have fun out there and may the Force be with you. – In The Nature of Progress operation, on Veteran or higher difficulty, defeat the Huntmaster encounter after at least 15 things have died to Something Ill-Tempered. (character title), Gate Crasher: You earned this title by completing the Dread Fortress operation in Master Mode in under one hour. There are still scars and debris left from the battle that could be worth exploring. На Дунаєвеччині автомобіль екстреної допомоги витягали зі снігового замету, а у Кам’янці на дорозі не розминулися два маршрутних автобуси, внаслідок чого постраждав один з водіїв. – In The Nature of Progress operation, on Veteran or higher difficulty, defeat the Huntmaster after allowing Master of the Hunt to reach 0 stacks. ** [collapse] #Week 2/2021 #Transport and exoskeleton * Addressed an issue where the Overload Module artifact did not work with the exoskeleton. (character title), Destruction Incarnate: You earned this title by completing a 90-minute timed run of the Gods from the Machine operation on Master Mode. It’s a Bold Move, Cotton! With the recent patch, the team unleashed another wave of Collections on the server. Farm Planet Prodigy Achievement (Farm Plow decoration): Toss Them Overboard: defeat 250 weak/standard Nova Blade Pirates on Dantoooine, Dantooinian Culinarian: find hidden fruits, The Right Way: complete the Reactor Ransom mission without paying the ransom, Dantooine Heroic Effort Achievement: Complete 60 heroics (reward, small Blba Tree called Dantooine Tree (Medium)), While You’re Out There Achievement: Find the hidden objects while the Dantooine event is not active, Collect the Ugnaught companion from the Dantooine vendor, Collect the two mounts from the Dantooine vendor, Collect the ugly Guard Hound pet from the Dantooine vendor, Collect the two armor sets from the Dantooine vendor, Collect one of each of the Dantooine decorations from the Dantooine vendor, Complete the introductory Swoop event quest from the Fleet, Run each of the nine Swoop event tracks at least once (Onderon, Tatooine, Dantooine), Run each of the nine Swoop event tracks “perfectly”, Complete all the Reputation-track based stories for each of the three Swoop factions, Perfect Idiot Achievement: Hit all the obstacles on the Onderon, Tatooine and Dantooine courses, Sorry, Sarlacc achievement: Jump over the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine on a swoop bike, Collect one of each Swoop event decoration, Collect each of the three swoop event pet floating droids, Collect each of the 6 tactical items that affect your normal mount, Participate in the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event (summer), Participate in the Feast of Prosperity Event (fall), Participate in the Life Day Event (winter), Participate in a Double XP event and level a character fast (random), Use currently available free codes for to redeem free items, Complete your personal conquest goal at least once, Complete Conquest during each Conquest Event week at least once, Conquer each planet in first place to gain each of the Conquest titles with a guild, Refurbished Remote Miniprobe & Scavenged Remote Miniprobe – Iokath (Newcomer Rank), Model Space Mining Droid – Kuat Drive Yards (Hero Rank), Jungle Grophet – Rishi (Newcomer Rank) & Skarkla Hunter – Rishi (Hero Rank), Collect all Cartel Market pets from the Cartel Market / GTN, Collect all eight of the Dark-side and Light-side pets, Collect the eight Tech Fragments / Galactic Command Crates pets, Collect the Crested Orokeet and Model F-T6 Pike from the vendor in the Cartel Bazaar section of the fleet, Collect the Mouse Droid pet from the Security Key vendor, Desert Kell Drake (Scum & Villainy Operation), Volcanic Kell Drake (Dread Fortress Operation), Aquatic Mewvorr (Depths of Manaan Flashpoint), Goldplate Mewvorr (Assault on Tython / Korriban Incursion Flashpoint), Heartglow Mewvorr (Assault on Tython / Korriban Incursion Flashpoint), Prismatic Mewvorr (Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint), M0-GUL Thrall Droid (Karagga’s Palace Operation), Deepcrest Subteroth (Dread Fortress Operation), Deep Wriggler (Terror From Beyond Operation), Collect the MCR-100 Miniprobe by using your Macrobinculars to find the MCR-99 droids hidden across the galaxy, Collect the CZ-W4 Observer pet by using your Macrobinculars on CZ-198, Collect the The Czerka Eye by reaching Social Rank VII and purchase from Hoth, Collect the Arctic Nerf Calf, Hill Nerf Calf, and Nightland Nerf Calf by completing the Scruffy Nerf Herder Achievement, Collect the Orokeet pet by acquiring an Unusual Egg and hatching it, Collect the Orosquab pet by acquiring a Mysterious Egg and hatching it, Collect the Taunlet pet by following the secret quest that ends on Hoth, Collect the Flirron from feeding hidden Tasty Treats to the creature on Onderon, Collect all Vendor mounts bought with credits (Fleet, Alderaan, Quesh, Tatooine, Voss and Outlaws Den), Collect all eight Alignment mounts from Dark vs Light system and Dar k and Light vendors, Imperial Korrealis KL-9Z SE (Assault on Tython / Korriban Incursion (Imperial)), Republic Korrealis KL-8A SE (Assault on Tython / Korriban Incursion (Republic)), Longspur Scout (Maelstrom Prison (Republic) / The Foundry (Imperial)), BA-2 Command Walker (Tython, Korriban, Manaan, Rakata), KX-7 Command Walker (Tython, Korriban, Manaan, Rakata), Bantam Dxun Reaper (Nature of Progress (Dxun)), Avalanche Heavy Tank (Explosive Conflict), Wings of the Dragon (Gods From the Machine), Strike Force Tauntaun (Dread Palace & Dread Fortress), Tirsa Elite (Eternity Vault / Karagga’s Palace), Titan 6 Containment Vehicle (Scum and Villainy), Hyrotii Scrapper: Rare Drop (Seeker Droid) / Reputation Ambassador Vendor, Cybernetic Rancor: Rare Drop (Eternal Championship), FA-3 Recon Walker: Rare Drop (Contraband Slot Machine), Collect the Exchange Bandit and Meirm Gray Fox Security Key Vendor mounts, Collect the Czerka Executive Cruiser: CZ-198 (Legend Rank) – 1,000,000 Credits, Collect the Eternal Empire Recon Walker from the Eternal Championship – 48 Eternal Championship Trophies, Collect the Seeker Droid parts for the GSI EMP-03 Explorer, GSI HMF-03 Exploiter, GSI PMP-06 Pleasure Speeder, Collect the Iokath X1 / Z1 Speeder: Iokath (Legend Rank Imperail & Republic) – 500 Iokath Power Shards – 1,000,000 Credits each, Collect the KDY Orbital Lifter: KDY – 12 KDY Construction Kit, Collect the Mana-D5 Submersible: Manaan – 20 Manaan Research Datas from the Manaan Flashpoint, Collect the Adorned Grefna: Onderon Reputation (Legend Rank) – 1,000,000 Credits and Heavy Arkonok: Onderon (Champion Rank) – 1,000,000 Credits, Collect the Gurian Volcano: Oricon (Hero Rank) – 100,000 Credits, Collect the Rishi Outlaw Swoop: Rishi (Legend Rank) – 500,000 Credits, Collect the Tirsa Champion: Space Missions (Legend Rank from Heroic SpaceMissions) – 500,000 Credits, Collect the Indigo Mantorr: Umbara – 2,750,000 Credits – no reputations or tokens needed, Collect the Praxon Trackmaster: Voss Reputation (Legend Rank) – 250,000 Credits, Collect the BA-2 Command Walker and BA-2 Recon Walker: Yavin 4 (Legend Rank) – 100,000 Credits, Collect the Armored Ziost Ice Tromper: Ziost – 80 Ziost Memory Holographs – 100,000 Credits, Collect the BH-7X Custom Hunter: Bounty Event (Champion Rank) – 25 Completed Bounty Contracts, Collect the Desert Sleen: Bounty Event (Legend Rank) – 50 Completed Bounty Contracts, Collect the Praxon Aether: Bounty Event (Champion Rank) – 50 Completed Bounty Contracts, Collect the Nova Blade Walker: Dantooine Event (Champion Rank) – 50 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes, Collect the Steadfast Kath Hound: Dantooine Event (Champion Rank) – 40 Dantooine Surveyor’s Notes, Collect the Feast Ingredient Transport: Feast of Prosperity – 3,750 Prosperity Tokens, Collect the Blue Sphere: Gree Event (Legend Rank) – 48 Gray Helix Components, Collect the Cyan Sphere: Gree Event (Champion Rank) – 48 Gray Helix Components, Collect the Red Sphere: Gree Event random drop from Xenoanalyst, Collect the Sleigh I: Life Day Event Parcels, Collect the Kingpin’s Predator Mount: Nightlife Event random drop, Collect the Kingpin’s Rancor: Nightlife Event – 30 Golden Certificates, Collect the Pearlescent Cruiser: Nightlife Event – 15 Golden Certificates, Collect the Vectron BWL Wraith: Nightlife Event random drop, Collect the Vectron Magnus: Nightlife Event – 15 Golden Certificates, Collect the Vectron Opus: Nightlife Event – 15 Golden Certificates, Collect the Infected Dewback: Rakghoul Event (Legend Rank) – 25 Rakghoul DNA Canisters + More, Collect the Infected Varactyl: Rakghoul Event (Legend Rank) – 50 Rakghoul DNA Canisters + More, Collect the Blatant Bek Standard Mount: Swoop Event (Friend Rank) – 150 Tokens, Collect the Horizon’s Razor Standard Mount: Swoop Event (Friend Rank) – 150 Tokens, Collect the Lit Candle Mount: Swoop Event (Legend Rank) – 350 Tokens, Collect the Pit Screamers Standard Mount: Swoop Event (Friend Rank) – 150 Tokens, Collect the Screaming Demon: Swoop Event (Legend Rank) – 350 Tokens, Collect the The Blade: Swoop Event (Legend Rank) – 350 Tokens, Collect special achievement on Ziost during the story to get the Rark K-133T, Collect the Aratech Ice mount by completing these Flashpoints in Master mode: Esseles, Taral V, Maelstrom Prisn, Directive 7, Battle of Ilum, False Emperor, Kano Under Seige, Lost Island, Collect the Aratech Nightscythe mount by completing these Operations and all their bosses in Veteran mode: Eternity Vault, Karagga’s Palace, Explosive Conflict, Collect the Aratech Fire mount by completing these Operations and all their bosses in Story mode: Eternity Vault, Karagga’s Palace, Explosive Conflict, Collect the Aratech Coral mount by defeating each of the following world bosses 3 times each: Snowblind (Hoth), Gargath (Hoth), Primal Destroyer (Belsavis), Nightmare Pilgrim (Voss), Collect the mount Boosted Classic Speeder Bike (Brown) from Chapter 9 of Knights of the Fallen Empire or the Onslaught introductory quest, Choose a super cool mount for your character, Find a mount that matches your character’s outfit, Collect all non-retired Cartel Market armor so it’s accessible through Collections, Collect all four sets from the Ambassador Vendor (requires Gree, Rakghoul and Bounty Event currency), Collect one set of each of the Dark vs Light system armor sets, Collect one piece of every Alliance Crate randomized armor set from Heroics at level 61+, Collect each of the Flashpoint armor sets, Ascendancy Soldier: Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint, random drop, bound, Order of Zildrog: Nathema Flashpoint, or GTN, Shasa Adherent’s: Manaan Flashpoint Research Data, Legacy-Bound, Tattered Mystic’s and Tattered Ritualist’s: Korriban Incursion / Assault on Tython Flashpoint, Collect the Dread Seed / Star Forager armor sets from the Seeker Droid quest and Seeker Droid randomized searching, Collect the Dread Guard’s Corrupted Mask from Dreadtooth, Collect the Crest of the Dread Master’s  from the secret boss Hateful Entity, Collect every legacy-bound level 75 Set Bonus armor, Collect each of the fun social outfits for going towards the Sharp Dresser achievement, Create a super cool outfit for your character, Create a super cool matching set of outfits for your entire companion crew, Create a “level 1” outfit your character can wear in their very first cutscene, Collect all four Star Fortress legacy-bound sets (requires four characters), Collect one of every currently-available color crystal in collections, Collect the Cyan, Purple and Magenta color crystals from the Eternal Championship, Collect the Black-Green color crystal from the Rakghoul event, Collect one of Black-Blue, Black-Red, Black-Orange, and Black-Purple color crystal from PvP Valor or from Operations, Know about the available craftable color crystals, Admire the retired Ranked PvP color crystals, Collect all the currently-available Cartel Market titles in collections.